Middle East Airlines Rebrand

About Middle East Airlines:

Middle East Airlines also known as MEA, was founded in 1945 by Saeb Salam Middle East Airlines is main airline carrier of Lebanon with it’s head office in Beirut, Lebanon.Mohammed El-hout is now in charge of MEA Airlines and he is the chairman and general director. When doing research I was able to discover that MEA Airlines Mark, really reflects on Lebanon whether it is through a cedar tree and the colors red and white and green representing representing the Lebanese flag. In 1946, Lebanon started flying only in the Middle East. MEA Airlines was originally called Air Liban but changed in 1965 after war when they lost most their planes. 

Purpose of this Project:

Goal 1: Create a clean, sophisticate and luxurious look of the airline to the audience 

With MEA’s services and the quality of their airlines shows the luxurious and sophisticate feel of the airline itself. The Identity should illustrate that. 

• Convey the sense that MEA Airlines is a luxurious, sophisticated and clean which will really reflect that to the audience and more people will want to fly with MEA. 

• Create a brand that balances both the culture, history of Lebanon and clean and 

luxurious look. 

Goal 2: Create a Design Language that is Complementary, Flexible and Unique 

• Create a visual identity system that complements 

• Create a coherent, identifiable and memorable visual identity system that complement the new identity mark. 

• Translate the new identity into existing airlines collaterals as well as new ones.

• Create an information architecture that organizes information clearly. 

Goal 3: Create a New Brand that Guides Future Progress 

The new identity should last a long time, and be a guide for the airlines into 

the future. It should speak to the direction that MEA Airlines is heading in, that is becoming well-known and easily recognizable internationally. 

• Design a brand that is clean but luxurious and is able to show future progress 

• Create a distinctive and memorable brand that will appeal to new, interstate and international audience

Middle East Airlines Rebranded Mark

MEA Finalized mark.png
New MEA Mark black and white.png

Middle East Airlines Rebranded Mark in Arabic

New MEA Mark-12 arabic.png
New MEA Mark black and white arabic.png

Symbol Only

plane mark  white.png
plane mark black and white.jpg

Stationery Set and Airplane Design

stationery for MEA.png
side profile of plane2.png
white arabic plane.png
side profile of red plane.png
Arabic red plane.png