MetaDesign Promo Book 

About MetaDesign:

MetaDesign is an international design consultancy known for branding and brand strategy. It was founded in 1979 by Erik Spiekermann. Their first headquarters were found in Berlin, Germany and then was later expanded in Beijing, Dusseldorf, Geneva,San Francisco, and Zurich.The consultancy company has over 250 designers working in all different locations.Erik Speikermann and Uli-Mayer Johansenn met for the first time about a possible collaboration alongside espresso and chocolate ice cream. ‘Der Himmel über Berlin’ playing at the theaters at that time, something that seemed to awaken Erik’s typographical interest. They both agreed that the conceptual dimension of design in Germany had not yet reached its potential. They saw immense opportunity within the areas of corporate design and corporate identity. Essentially that is how the foundation of the agency MetaDesign came together with Hannes Krüger, which, many years later was transformed into a corporation.

Purpose of this Project:

MetaDesign is an international design consultancy known for branding and brand strategy and has been founded since 1979. The book has been broken down into 6 categories: history, locations, services, complete brand experience, clients and projects. This made it easy to navigate through when looking for particular projects or clients. An acrylic enclosure has been created for the book to sit in, experimenting with their main colors of red, transparent, inverting it with the front and back covers.

Materials used for enclosure:


Red Film

Epoxy Glue

Red Ribbon

Award Winning:

International Design Awards(IDA)

Honorable Mention

March 2019