International Typographic Style

Stamp and Envelope Design

About the Movement:

International typographic style which is also sometimes known as Swiss Style  emerged in the 1950s in Switzerland and Germany. This style made an important impact in many parts of graphic design covering a twenty year period from the 1950s to 1960s but until this day International typographic style is a big influence for designers. 


The principles of International typographic style is all about the cleanliness, Readability and objectivity. When using a grid structure in your design, it tends to make hierarchy for the information much easier especially when web designing. Grids are a useful way of showing information and images in a consistent and easy to follow technique.Appreciating International Typographic Style’s means appreciating the typefaces because the typefaces are what started it all. The classics Sans serif typeface is what made the grid structure work so seamlessly together. 


Artists that were relevant from this movement are Armin Hofmann(1920–present) ,Emil Ruder(1914 – 1970) and Josef Muller Brockmann(1914-1996) whose work influenced many designers through the grid structure designed work.

The Purpose of this Project:

The aim of this project was to create a envelope and Stamp Design that reflected the movement as a whole. I decided to use the grid structure element in my design because this movement focused mostly on grid structure and cleanliness.