Gigi's Cupcakes Rebrand

About Gigi's Cupcakes

Gigi’s Cupcakes was founded in 2008 by Gina Butler. Gigi’s Cupcakes opened in Nashville, TN. Today with nearly 100 locations nationwide, there one-of-a-kind cupcakes and signature swirl bring happiness and joy to their customers every day.

Purpose of this Project:

Goal 1: Create a clean, sophisticate and luxurious look 

• Convey the sense that Gigi's Cupcakes is a luxurious, sophisticated and clean which will really reflect that to the audience and more people will want to buy Gigi's cupcakes.

• Create a brand that balances both the history of Gigi's and a clean luxurious look. 

Goal 2: Create a Design Language that is Complementary, Flexible and Unique 

• Create a visual identity system that complements 

• Create a coherent, identifiable and memorable visual identity system that complement the new identity mark. 

• Translate the new identity into existing store collaterals as well as new ones.

• Create an information architecture that organizes information clearly. 

Goal 3: Create a New Brand that Guides Future Progress 

The new identity should last a long time, and be a guide for Gigi's into 

the future. It should speak to the direction that Gigi's cupcakes is heading in, that is becoming well-known for its quality.

• Design a brand that is clean but luxurious and is able to show future progress 

• Create a distinctive and memorable brand that will appeal to new, interstate and for all audiences.

Gigi's Cupcake Rebranded Mark

Pattern Created

cupcake pattern.png

Color Palette




Stationary Set


Mark Utilized in Branding

cupcake box mock up.jpg
flat menu mock up.jpg