FitBud application

About FitBud

Looking for a fitness buddy? or events or sports to participate in? FitBud will be an app that will be very helpful for anyone looking for a fitness buddy or looking for events or classes to participate in. This app will be based on each persons statics so they get matched with a fitness buddy with the same goals.

Problem Statement

Not having the ability to find a workout buddy with the same goals to workout with and not being able to know when there are events or classes to join.

Vision Statement

Currently, there aren’t any resources that anyone can use to help personalize their goals and about themselves to help them find a workout buddy. The solution will be an app that you can customize and personalize what type of person would you match with based on your goals and profile(age, weight, height and level). This app will also help users find certain events whether outdoors or indoors and classes and activities to join. This will help users be more active and motivated when need to workout.

FitBud Mark in Color


FitBud Mark in Black and white

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Color Palette



App Design


App Design


Final Prototype

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Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 2.24.28 PM.png