Sally's Station Branding

About Sally's Station

Sally’s Zalzali is a nutritionist and registered dietitian helping clients in Lebanon and around the world. Sally is an expert in her field, sharing scientific tips and sharing helpful videos on all social media platforms. I'm personally a bit obsessed with health and nutrition, so when Sally approached me about wanting to create her own brand, I was stoked to work with a fellow health advocate!

Purpose of this Project:

Goal 1: Create a clean and sophisticate look

• Convey the sense that Sally's Station is a sophisticated and clean which will really reflect that to the audience and more people will want to get help from Sally's Station.

Goal 2: Create a Design Language that is Complementary,Unique and fun

• Create a coherent, identifiable and memorable visual identity system that complement the

identity mark. 

Goal 3: Create a brand that is playful and fun

The identity should last a long time, and be a guide for Sally's Station into 

the future. It should speak to the direction that Sally's Station is heading in, that is a fun and approachable .

• Design a brand that is clean but still fun and makes people want to approach and join Sally's Station.

• Create a distinctive and memorable brand that will appeal to new, interstate and for all audiences.

Sally's Station Mark in Color

Sally's Station logo.png

Sally's Station Mark in Black and White

Sally's Station logo black and white.png

Color Palette



Mark Utilized in Branding

Mock up shirt.png
Canvas Tote Bag MockUp.jpg
Label Tag PSD MockUp 2.png