Maruf International

About Maruf International

Maruf International is a trading and consulting company specialized in consulting companies to make them bigger as well as trading steel and sending glass to other countries.

Purpose of this Project:

Goal 1: Create a clean, Simple and luxurious look

• Convey the sense that Maruf International  is a luxurious and clean corporate brand which will really reflect that to the audience.

Goal 2: Create a Design Language that is Complementary,Unique and Luxurious

• Create a coherent, identifiable and memorable visual identity system that complement the

identity mark. 

Goal 3: Create a brand that is playful and fun

The identity should last a long time, and be a guide for Maruf International into 

the future. It should speak to the direction that Maruf International is heading in, that is a clean, simple and luxurious.

• Design a brand that is clean but still luxurious and makes people get help in consulting and trading from Maruf International.

• Create a distinctive and memorable brand that will appeal to new and present audiences.

Maruf International Mark in Color

Maruf International Mark in Black and White

Color Palette



Mark Utilized in Branding

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