Maruf International

About Maruf International

Maruf International is a trading and consulting company specialized in consulting companies to make them bigger as well as trading steel and sending glass to other countries.

Purpose of this Project:

Goal 1: Create a clean, Simple and luxurious look

• Convey the sense that Maruf International  is a luxurious and clean corporate brand which will really reflect that to the audience.

Goal 2: Create a Design Language that is Complementary,Unique and Luxurious

• Create a coherent, identifiable and memorable visual identity system that complement the

identity mark. 

Goal 3: Create a brand that is playful and fun

The identity should last a long time, and be a guide for Maruf International into 

the future. It should speak to the direction that Maruf International is heading in, that is a clean, simple and luxurious.

• Design a brand that is clean but still luxurious and makes people get help in consulting and trading from Maruf International.

• Create a distinctive and memorable brand that will appeal to new and present audiences.

Maruf International Mark in Color

Final .png

Maruf International Mark in Black and White

black and white.png

Color Palette



Mark Utilized in Branding

Rubber stamp.jpg
business card stationery.png